Green-Tech Egg Industries Pte. Ltd.

Freshness and Quality in Our Products

Green-Tech Egg Industries Pte. Ltd. is a major egg processor and egg distributor in Singapore. It takes its roots from Chuan Huat Poultry Farm -- a Singaporean owned poultry farm with more than 40 years of experience in egg farming business.  Founded in 2003, Green-Tech Egg Industries was established to meet the growing and changing demands for value-added convenient egg products and ingredients by food manufacturers and food and beverage establishments. It is also a marketing and distribution arm for its farm fresh eggs to local supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

We bring the best-selected, highest quality eggs directly from our farm to you. Our eggs are delivered and packed daily for Singaporean island-wide.

Value Added

Eggs Products

Direct from our farm, egg products produced from the freshest eggs. Convenient and ready to be used as an ingredient for creating other delicious products.

Ready To Eat

Specialty Eggs

Eggs turn into safe and convenient products for you. Produce with the highest standards our products are clean, safe and ready to be eaten.

Our Brands

Achievements & Accreditations

Our Certifications


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