The motivation of sustainable farming practices is not only our company's corporate social responsibilities but also an integral aspect of staying relevant in the future of egg farming business. We have been investing and leveraging on the latest farming technology and hen care practices to sustain high production levels while ensuring hen flock health and well-being through tailored feed nutrition and providing a comfortable environment.

Henritex (M) Sdn Bhd

In 2000, Henritex (M) Sdn Bhd was established in Johor, Malaysia. This modern egg farm integrates green practices by composting all chicken waste to compost and treating its waste water to have zero impact on ground water systems. The composts are then used by fruit and vegetable farms to produce quality organic produce. The farm has high Bio-security and a fully automated eggs collection, grading and packing system.

With this modern science based farm, we are able to address  our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and at the same time produce and fulfil market demand for high quality farm fresh eggs.

Our Heritage

Serving Singapore Since 1976

Trusted by generations of consumers and businesses for over 40 year, this multi-generational Singapore family poultry business made its mark for high quality farm fresh eggs.


Chuan Huat Hatchery was established in Tampines, supplying day old chicks to farms in rural Singapore. 


The hatchery was relocated to Lim Chu Kang in line with the rapidly changing economic landscape. It took the opportunity to upgrade using the latest incubation technology system.

First Agrotech Poultry Layer Farm

1987 Chuan Huat Poultry Farm was established as the first Agrotech poultry layer farm in Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park. It achieved many firsts regionally: · a centralised eggs collection system; · environmentally controlled hen houses to enhance the comfort and health of hens; · mechanised chicken waste collection.


Chuan Huat Poultry Farm continued on as an egg distribution business as the farming operations was moved into Malaysia.


Henritex Sdn Bhd, a 66-acre Agrotech poultry layer farm was launched in Simpang Renggam, in Johor to capitalise on competitive resources to bring quality eggs to Singapore.

Our Focus on Sustainable Farming Operations


Modern Farm Management Team

Our professionally trained farm management team adopts the poultry industry’s best practices and advances in poultry sciences to ensure a high level of bio-security, bird welfare and food safety.


Environmental Responsibility

Waste water in the farm is recycled and reused for as many times as possible before it is discharged. This water is treated to have minimal impact on the ground water systems. We take pride in setting high standards in bird husbandry practices as well as minimising the environmental impact.


Animal Welfare

Hens are fed with specially formulated high nutritional meals to boost the flock immunity.  A comfortable environment coupled with regular tests and daily inspections are important to safeguard the  bio-security of the farm and ensure that our hens are healthy and safe.


Reduce Carbon Footprint & Pollution

Our farm minimises the carbon footprint  and adopts circular concepts by converting animal waste, which are then used as organic fertilisers for local organic farming.