Join The Eggspert's Team


Food Production Operator

Work as a food production team member in producing high-quality products for our customers. Food production members are required to work in a team to prepare egg products according to specifications ensuring quality is according to requirements and food safety standards. Duties and Responsibilities: -       Perform Quality Control checks on products by checking and removing any unsatisfactory products. -       Operate food equipment such as food processing equipment, vacuum sealer, packaging machine and assembling of food items. -        Place product into boxes/crates including proper labelling, coding and packaging based on specifications. -        Ensure a clean and safe work environment, through sanitisation of food equipment and workplace to meet food safety standards set by Quality Assurance personnel. -        Ensure products and raw materials is stored at optimum conditions. -        Perform logging and documentation of production activities. 

Feeling up for the task, enquire to becoming a food production team member. Contact us for more details.


Delivery Driver

Join our logistic team in delivering quality products to our customers. As a logistic team member, delivery driver is required to fulfil daily order requests from customers. Duties and Responsibilities: -       Load egg products onto the delivery van and deliver orders to customers based on delivery schedule. -       Unload products from delivery van as per customer's requirement-       Handle documentation like invoices, delivery orders and purchase order from customer. -       Handle payment, sales orders from customers and assist in gathering feedback from customers. -       Provide good customer service by fulfilling delivery schedule and orders. -       Inspect, maintain and upkeep vehicle in good working condition through regular servicing and cleaning of the vehicle.

Feeling up for the task, enquire to becoming a logistic team member. Contact us for more details.